Large Instructor Pool

Let’s be frank … one of the primary reasons to have an experienced and trained motorsport instructor in the passenger seat is that the instructor can intervene before a novice driver makes a serious mistake. Having an instructor is in the passenger seat is how we maintain control of novice drivers, which is a critical component to providing a safe experience to your guests. We have over 60 accredited instructors at our disposal. Our instructors are experienced track drivers themselves. Many count their driving experience in hundreds of events, and thousands of laps. Our instructors have been trained by Indycar driver, professional coach, and Speed Secrets author Ross Bentley. And our instructors have been observed over time to ensure they have the skills and demeanour necessary to encourage your guests to have fun while also mitigating risk. We put one of our motorsport-experienced and trained instructors with every novice driver, and that instructor stays with their student until the student has demonstrated the necessary track driving skills, competency and maturity to go it solo.