Safety Is Our First Priority

Our primary responsibility is to mitigate risk, and provide you and your guests the safest possible experience. Safety is about planning, practice, execution, and experience. Despite the inherent risks of motorsport, our safety record is impeccable.

Safety starts with event design. We start each event with a comprehensive driver safety meeting. We provide classroom theory to help drivers understand basic car control and physics. We then introduce drivers to track driving at speed in increments … starting with a track walk or bus ride so we can discuss the salient features of the track without the distraction of speed, followed by some laps at city-driving speed so the driver becomes familiar with the track layout and corner sequence, then we increase their speed under the supervision of a trained motorsport instructor. By their third on-track session of the event, most drivers are quite comfortable exploring their limits and the limits of their vehicle.

Let’s talk about our instructors. Having an instructor is in the passenger seat is how we maintain control of novice drivers, which is a critical component to providing a safe experience for your guests. We have over 60 accredited instructors at our disposal. All of our instructors are experienced track drivers themselves. Many count their driving experience in hundreds of track days and thousands of laps. Our instructors have been trained by IndyCar driver, professional coach, and Speed Secrets author Ross Bentley. And we observe our instructors over time to ensure they have the skills and demeanour necessary to encourage your guests to have fun while also mitigating risk. We put one of our motorsport-experienced and trained instructors with every novice driver, and that instructor stays with their student until the student has demonstrated the necessary track driving skills, competency and maturity to go it solo. And let’s be frank … one of the primary reasons to put an experienced and trained instructor in the passenger seat is that he or she can intervene before a novice driver learns the hard way that their talent has a limit.

We also staff the road course with experienced motorsport Marshals, who serve as the drivers’ eyes and ears, communicating with motorsport flags to advise of any anomalies the driver may need to be aware of, coordinate safe passing, and keep the event on schedule. We are in radio contact with our Marshals at all times throughout the event, should it become necessary to adjust a driver’s behaviour.

Things can occasionally go wrong, and we are prepared. Our Safety Crews are professional First Responders. Our Safety Supervisors have all qualified for their own racing license, and they are trained to respond while the track is hot. Their safety trucks are equipped with fire suppression equipment, Holmatro extrication equipment (aka Jaws of Life), tow ropes, dollies, brooms & sweeping compound, and everything else required to provide the best care to your guests and their vehicles in the event of a mechanical problem or collision.

As we mentioned, our safety record is impeccable. With well over 100 corporate, private and public event days to date, we have never sent anyone away for medical attention. You will not find another Event Manager with our credentials or our impeccable safety record.