Leveraging Your Investment

As a business person, we expect you to ask yourself, “How do I make this investment pay?”

We suggest there are multiple ways to leverage the investment, to reduce your portion of the investment, or to directly and indirectly increase revenues as a result of making the investment. Every business is different, but here are some suggestions with a broad appeal.

  • Friendly and non-stressful format for client relationship building
  • Excellent team-builder for staff or clients & client-teams
  • Opportunity for additional service revenue, parts revenue, and performance upgrades
  • Earn after-event revenue from manufacturer-recommended post-track maintenance
  • Create incentives by tying participation to client purchases or staff sales targets
  • Excellent format to introduce new products or models
  • Small registration fee from participants can offset cost
  • Event may qualify for co-op advertising programs from manufacturer or vendors
  • Very cost competitive with other advertising and promotions, even without co-op
  • Always a unique event that WILL stand out and be remembered for a long, long time
  • Advanced driving skills your guests learn may actually save their life

And of course we’ll work with you to leverage in any way that might benefit your business. We are business people and we speak your language. Call us today, and let us show you how motorsport is a cost-effective way to Drive Your Business.