Why choose us?

Safety Is Our First Priority

Our primary responsibility is to mitigate risk, and provide you and your guests the safest possible experience. Safety is about planning, practice, execution, and experience. Despite the inherent risks of motorsport, our safety record is impeccable. Safety starts with event design. […]

Experience, Experience, Experience

We run events week-in, week-out. No other group runs the breadth of road course events that we do. We have operated over 75 high-performance track driving events since our inception in 2013. These include: Corporate customer-appreciation track driving events (typically […]

Large Instructor Pool

Let’s be frank … one of the primary reasons to have an experienced and trained motorsport instructor in the passenger seat is that the instructor can intervene before a novice driver makes a serious mistake. Having an instructor is in the passenger seat is how we […]

In-House Catering

Let us WOW your guests! We have a diverse selection of items ranging from five-star to BBQ to comfort food… and anything in between. Select from our pre-planned menu, or have us design a custom menu. All delivered piping hot […]

Cost Control

No need to fly in event managers, instructors, and setup crew from some exotic locale; or incur the additional cost of their hotels, meals and local transportation. This unnecessary expense is better applied to your guests’ experience. Local means “low-cost.”

Convenient Single Point of Contact

Event planning can be a bit like a three-ring circus. When you plan an event with us, we are the venue, the caterer and the entertainment. All you need to coordinate is the guest list. How could it be more simple?

We’ll Handle The Discipline

We all just want to have fun. Safely. And not everyone understands the risks as well as we do. We can rein in even the most aggressive drivers, mitigating risk without compromising your goodwill.